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Fast & Efficient Drain Cleaning and Unblocking Services in Ottawa

Drain with sewage

You can count on the professionals at Plumbing Express when you are in need of fast and efficient drain cleaning and unblocking services in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

Clogged drains (drains slowly) and blocked drains (does not drain at all) are two of the most common plumbing issues residents will face. Depending on the severity of the clog/ blockage, when left untreated your drain lines can back-up into your home ultimately causing very costly water damage to your property.

Continuously having issues with blocked drains? When all else fails a camera drain inspection may be required to help determine and resolve the issues that you are having.

When in doubt have Plumbing Express check it out!

Camera Drain Inspection

Camera drain

Camera drain inspections help detect the root cause of problematic blocked drains. It is a process where the plumbing technician pushes a flexible fibre optic cable with a video camera on its tip down into your drain system in order to obtain a real-time visual display of indoor drain pipes, as well as underground sewage lines. By doing this, it not only helps determine the cause of the blockage, but also the condition of the pipes allowing us to create a plan to resolve the issue at hand.

Don’t let your plumbing system go to waste! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Common Causes of Clogged drains and Drain Blockages:

  • Fat and food scraps: When hot grease is poured down a kitchen sink drain, it will stick to your pipes as it cools down slowly. Food greases will block your drainage system overtime and food scraps will just add on to the plumbing nightmare.

  • Loose hair: Clogged bathroom sinks, tubs and shower drains often happen at the exposed drain openings. Regardless of how careful we are, a lot of loose hair gets washed through the drain on a daily basis. When soap scum and other products are washed along with loose hair, it will quickly collect into a goopy, hairy lump.

  • Baby Wipes and paper towel: Baby wipes and paper towels can be a major cause for your blocked drain even though they are deemed as “flushable.” When these materials are wet, they not only clump together but they also get caught on anything else that might be lingering in the drain.

  • Toys and small objects: Children (and adults) take small objects and toys to the bathroom while bathing. With that said, there is a high probability that the small pieces will break off, eventually getting washed away which can lead to blocked drains.

  • Tree roots and leaves: Tree roots can puncture and grow into your main sewage drain line. This typically occurs when a tree is in search of moisture and is within close proximity of the drain system. Those same roots will most certainly catch any item that is flushed/ washed down your drain.

Areas We Serve Include: From Stittsville to Orleans and Everywhere In Between!

Blackburn Hamlet, Barrhaven, Findlay Creek, Gloucester, Kanata, Nepean, Ottawa, Overbrooke, Richmond, Riverside South, Rockcliffe Park, Stittsville, Vanier


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Plumbing service areas include:

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